IJ Network Tool

Standard is a top notch maker of state of the art optical imaging items. It offers cutting edge, natural items like Printers, Scanners, Cameras, and so forth Truth be told, it guarantees unrivaled client experience through its vanguard item range. This is especially evident as far as Printing Devices. As such, it drives the worldwide business in the space of expert grade Printing and Scanning Devices. To utilize these top tier machines, you should set it up appropriately. This incorporates designing the gadget to your Home Network. The Internet Network is fundamental for the working of your Printer. This implies that you should guarantee appropriately designed Printers consistently. For this, you should have full oversight over the Network Settings of your Printer. For this, Canon gives you an incredibly easy to understand stage by the name ij Network Tool.

What is "IJ Network Tool"?

"IJ Network Tool" is a utility stage that Canon offers to support its clients. This client driven instrument works with in dealing with the Network Settings of your imaginative Printing Machine effortlessly. At the end of the day, it permits you to view and change these settings rapidly with no issue. This product utility apparatus is introduced solely after you complete the arrangement of your Canon Device for Network use.

Things To Know About "IJ Network Tool"

Prior to continuing to arrangement this product instrument called "IJ Network Tool", you should consider certain essential factors that permit its appropriate use. To make the most ideal utilization of this easy to understand apparatus, you should stick to the given standards.

  • In case you want to use your Printer with a LAN Setup, it is essential to procure the required Connectivity equipment. For instance, Network Access Point (Router/ Modem), LAN Cable etc.
  • It is very important to never operate this tool when your Machine is performing its basic functions like Printing, Scanning etc.
  • Similarly, you must never execute any Printing/ Scanning functions while operating this utility tool.
  • While using your tool, if you leave your security softwares’ firewall feature on. Then, you may get a warning message. This will inform you about Canon Printer Softwares’ attempt to connect to the Network. In this situation, you must make some changes in its Settings. In other words, it must be set to “Always Allow Access”.
  • Although, this tool supports the users of Windows XP. But, they can’t make use of the feature called Fast User Switching. In order to use this feature of your OS, you must exit the Canon Software.

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