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  • 16 July 2021

Have you ever faced a Canon printer not working error on your system? Canon printers have become non-responsive because of several technical reasons. Troubleshoot the Canon printer not responding issue by following some crucial procedures. Here, you will get every aspect of the problem to troubleshoot the Canon printer not responding effectively. When you can’t fix it, you must dial the Canon Customer Care number, and they will provide you with some correct methods to eliminate it instantly.

What is Canon Printer Not Responding Error?

Suppose you have encountered a Canon printer not responding problem; it means that it is not working. Communication has been broken between the printer and your computer. It is no longer able to print texts.

The causes behind the Canon printer not working error are incalculable. There can be some complicated factors behind its occurrence. Go through some troubleshooting steps to troubleshoot the Canon printer problem.

Procedures to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Not Working Error

  1. Resume the print spooler service

It is used to manage long printing queues on the printer. This tool assists the printer to print several documents in a single command. It maintains healthy communication between the system and the printer. When you face any problem with the print spooler service, it may be possible behind the Canon printer not responding error. Resume the print spooler service on your system.  Follow some given below procedures to restart the print spooler.

  • Click the Windows logo and R simultaneously on your keyboard
  • Now, mention “Services.Msc” in the run box
  • Move to the Window to access the print spooler
  • Do a right-click on the print spooler and select the Restart from the Options menu.


  1. Fix the printer using the printer troubleshooting wizard

Every system can face some issues. The printer troubleshooting wizard will assist users to solve the Canon printer not working error. Go through the given below steps to activate the printer troubleshooting wizard.

  • Move to the Start menu
  • Then press on Settings option
  • Choose Upgrade and Security
  • Press on Troubleshoot from the left panel
  • Choose the printer and activate the troubleshooter under Troubleshoot option
  • Move to the instructions given in the wizard.


  1. Shift the Printer port to troubleshoot Canon printer not responding error

The printer may block your work if you are utilizing the wrong port. The situation occurs due to some mistake in the installation process. Sometimes, the system takes up a port because the primary plug was busy during installation. Change the printer port without uninstalling the printer from your system.

  • Go to the Control panel given on Taskbar
  • Press on the Control Panel from the search result
  • Locate the Device and Printer from the list
  • Select the Canon printer from the list of printers and do a right-click on it
  • Choose the printer properties option
  • Now press on the ports tab
  • Examine the port which is showing printer and USB
  • At the bottom of the Window, press on Apply button and press Ok.

This way, the new port will be allotted to the printer, and the Canon printer will not respond after following the above procedures carefully. To resolve it quickly, you must contact the Canon IJ Support team to get some accurate tips.