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  • 16 July 2021

Nowadays, printers have become part and parcel of your life. Many printer manufacturers have released various advanced and hi-tech printers to catch their users' attention with increased features. Canon IJ is one of them, and it has been developed with many magnificent features to continue the best printing and scanning jobs. When you download and set up on your desktop, you can utilize its functionalities appropriately. Proceed with the instructions available below to install and activate the Canon IJ printer. In this write-up, learn how to set up Canon IJ on Windows and Mac. To configure it quickly, call the Canon IJ Customer Care team to activate it effectively on Windows and Mac.

Steps to Configure Canon IJ Printer on Mac?

Follow the below instructions to set up Canon IJ on Windows and Mac.

  • Move to the manufacturer's site and mention the printer for which you wish to install the printer driver on Mac
  • Choose your system version and operating system if not found automatically
  • Click the driver's tab and select the driver file. Click the "Download" button to download and install it on your Mac system. Inspect if you have downloaded the MP driver.
  • When the download process completes, select the Applications option and move to the location where it is saved and double-click on the .PKG file to run it.
  • Once the installation process is finished, select the Applications option from the Go menu of the folder
  • Double-press on the Canon utility folder and utilize the IJ scan utility and IJ printer utility.

Print With Canon IJ Printer on Windows?

  • Turn on the Canon IJ printer
  • Fill the input tray with appropriate size paper after exploring it
  • Access the Printer Driver Setup window on your system
  • Select the profile that you can access frequently. Choose the "Quick Setup" tab from the "Commonly Used Settings" option.
  • The additional features, media type, and paper size values are designed to their original values when choosing online printing profiles.
  • Project the print quality to High, Standard, Draft based on your requirement
  • Complete the process after following the guidelines shown on your screen
  • Click the Ok option to save the settings
  • Open document you wish to print by using the Canon printer and transfer to the File tab
  • Select the print option to print your documents.


You can definitely do it when you read out the above steps to configure Canon IJ on windows and Mac. If any challenge you face, the technical help desk is used to set up the Canon IJ printer on Windows and Mac. The technical team is professional, capable and well-trained to install and run Canon printer on your system. Once you go through these steps, you must call the Canon customer care number to troubleshoot it. Would you please move to the support centre to fix it immediately? Once you contact them, one of its technical experts will assist you to configure the Canon printer on various devices.