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  • 23 April 2022

Are you frustrated by seeing different error codes while working on your canon printer? Then this article is going to be very crucial for you. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about the canon printers and what are the common Canon Printer error codes, that a canon printer user can face.

Canon Printer Error Codes
Facing errors while using the Canon printer is not a big deal. When technology comes in a product, then the chances of getting an error are very high. The same applies to canon printers as well. Although, using the canon printers is very easy and convenient, but the main problem which frustrates its users is that it shows multiple error codes to their users. An error is never pleasant but when the user doesn’t know how to resolve the error, then it can become a big problem for them. So, now let’s discuss the common canon printer error codes.
Common Canon Printer Error Codes

Now, let’s discuss in-depth some of the common canon printer error codes which their users can face. 
1. Canon Printer Error e02
Canon Printer Error e02 usually occurs the printer didn’t process the print command. This error is most common and that’s why we have mentioned it in the 1st point. Now, let’s discuss the causes of the error e02.

Causes of the Error e02:
•    When the available sheets in the feeder tray are wrinkled, torn, folded, or curled.
•    Papers become damp due to the moisture present in the environment.
•    Papers are not of desired sizes, whether they are more than 17b or are less than 17b.
•    When a design or a decorative paper is used for taking the printout. 
How to Solve Canon Printer Error e02: 
This error can be solved easily by deep cleaning the canon printer paper feed. To do the deep cleaning, first, turn off the printer and take out all the USB and other cables, and after that take out the feeder tray and use a soft cloth to clean the printer rollers. Also note, if there is moisture in the sheets, then take out the sheets and put them under the fan, so that they can lose the moisture.  

2. Canon Printer Error C000
If you are facing the Canon Printer Error C000, then it indicates that an internal error has occurred inside your Canon printer. Apart from this, Error C000 can also occur when the printer’s ink cartridges are empty. 
Causes of the Error C000
•    Ink cartridges are not placed in the right direction.
•    The outside packaging is not removed properly.
•    The printer’s sheet is jammed or stuck.
How to Solve Canon Printer Error C000: 
These are the methods that you can follow to solve the Canon printer error C000.
•    Properly removed the packaging material
•    Put the ink cartridges back in their original slot
•    Replace the empty ink cartridges
•    Hard reset your canon printer

3. Canon Printer Error B203
Canon printer error B203 usually occurs when the printer faces problems while processing the command of printing. This error mainly occurs due to a paper jammed and part of it, the other various reasons due to which this error can occur are as follows:
Causes of the Error B203
•    The printer driver is either damaged or not updated.
•    Canon’s printhead is damaged or jammed.
•    Weak signals of the internet.
•    Ink cartridges are empty or are not installed correctly.
•    The connection between the Printer and PC is disrupted. 
How to Solve Canon Printer Error B203
Here are the methods or the solutions which you can follow to solve the canon printer error B203.
•    Deep reset of the canon printer.
•    Update the printer’s driver to the latest version.
•    Replace the empty ink cartridges.
•    Use windows trouble-shooter problem.
•    Connect with the printer with a strong WIFI connection or put the printer near to WIFI.

4. Canon Printer Error E13/E16: This is the most common or the most frequent error that the canon printer’s users face. This error occurs when the printer doesn’t have enough ink to process the command of printing a page.
Causes of the Error E13/E16
•    Ink cartridges are empty
•    Ink cartridges are not in their original place
How to Solve Canon Printer Error E13/E16
•    Check the position of ink cartridges and locate them in their original slot.
•    Replace the empty ink cartridges with the new ones.

5. Canon Printer Error 5011
Error 5011 is a general hardware error message. To resolve this error, normally turn off your printer and take out all the USBs and other wired cables including the main power socket as well. After that, wait for a few minutes and then again connect all the wires back to their original slot and turn on the printer.
This error will be resolved after the deep restart of the printer. 

6. Canon Printer Error 5100/ 5200/ 5400/ 5700/ 6000
The main reason for these errors is that the outside packaging of the canon printer is not removed properly. The packaging is still there inside the components of the printer. To resolve this error, remove all the tapes, foams, and packaging of the printer and restart your printer. After the error will be resolved automatically.

7. Canon Printer Error 6000
Canon printer error 6000 occurs when the feeder tray fails to provide the A4 sheets for processing the print command. Apart from this, the other reasons why this error can occur are as follows. 
Causes of Canon Printer Error 6000
•    The printer feeder tray is not located in the right place
•    Processing multiple print commands at a single time
•    The printer’s settings are not compatible with the paper size
•    Not using the correct A4 sheets.
How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000
•    Deep restart your printer
•    Reset the printer’s settings
•    Clean the feeder tray
•    Check for the paper’s dimensions

Hope you find this blog useful. Above, we have mentioned all the common errors that you can face while using your ij start canon printer. If your friends or family members are also using canon printers or either they are going to buy the Canon printer in the future, then do share it with them too, so that in case they will face any error in the future, they will be aware of what to do and how to get it resolved.