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  • 16 July 2021

Canon printers have secured a significant place in every professional and individual’s life. When you need to print and scan your documents, photos, sheets, you require a printer satisfying unique and high-quality printing jobs. On several occasions when you were using Canon printer, it suddenly appears Canon 1487 and 1688 error codes. It may be caused due to incorrect installation of ink cartridges inside the Canon printer or empty ink cartridges. Canon 1487 and 1688 errors can be easily removed by users with some basic troubleshooting methods listed in this article. To eliminate it quickly, you must take expert help by calling the Canon Customer Support team, and you will get perfect assistance 24/7 on call, email or chat.

Troubleshooting Procedures to Fix Canon 1487 Error Code

To avoid Canon 1487 error, you must go through the below instructions carefully.

Method - 1 Pull out Ink Cartridges from Printer

Fortunately, if printer software identified a specific type of cartridge causing this error, carefully take away both ink cartridges to troubleshoot Canon 1487.

Method – 2 Examine Cartridge Codes

  • Check properly that the cartridge is installed appropriately or not
  • If there is a problem with cartridges on the Canon printer, users must search for the accurate model number of the printer on the internet
  • Now, the print heads available on the other side of cartridges are of great use, and you must know which cartridge is black and which one is coloured. The coloured print head has three separate lines located in a centre metallic plate, and the black one will have a longer line.

Method – 3 Examine the Two Installed Cartridges

  • Check both cartridges of the Canon printer to know that everything is installed at an accurate position.

Rectifying Measures to Fix Canon Printer 1688 Error

  • Press on Start by keyboard or mouse, then move to the Control Panel, Printers and Faxes option on the system tray. Choose the Canon printer in the dialogue box
  • Access the maintenance programs by choosing the Canon printer preferences in the dialogue box
  • Search the ink level warning indicator in the maintenance section
  • Disable the ink level warning indicator by selecting the radio box in the next option. It will resolve the 1688 issue in the Canon printer.
  • Press Apply and then shut down the dialogue box.

Once everything is okay, restart your Canon printer and check it for proper performance.


Whenever you face an error to resolve the Canon printer, you must dial Canon Customer Service Number to troubleshoot it immediately. A technical expert is qualified, genuine and professional to assist you in removing Canon 1487 and 1688 error codes. Canon care centre is available round the clock to resolve the issue immediately.